DevLearn 2023


Creative Manager


The Learning Guild


Project: Visual Design for DevLearn 2023

Overview: DevLearn is one of the leading conferences for learning & development professionals in the United States. Each year, we refresh the visuals associated with the conference, keeping it fresh and relevant. I work in conjunction with the marketing team to craft a visual design around the theme they establish for the marketing campaign.


Create the visual design for a well established conference with a tech-forward appeal that would help in reaching aggressive registration goals.


Theme Creation: Marketing brainstormed theme and tagline ideas to base the marketing campaigns around. They settled on "Shape the Future,' with the story of attending DevLearn gives one the tools and knowledge to push their craft forward, shaping the future of learning & development.

Moodboards & Concepting: With the theme set, I worked with my team to pull together mood boards with imagery that resonated. I focused on abstract shapes and the idea of a conference attendee shaping the future. Vibrant colors contrasting with a dark background were used to convey technology and excitement. Concepts were developed from there and presented to key stakeholders.

Design and Execution: After several iterations, a final design was approved by all involved. My team and I first translated the design to the website, updating the wordpress theme and assets throughout the site. We also created marketing assets to be used throughout the campaign, and templates that marketing could use to create their own banners for digital campaigns. Beyond that, I managed all creative deliverables for various departments from launch to conference day, and even on-site graphic needs. This includes:

  • Banners for marketing, sales, and program teams to use in various campaigns
  • Print brochures & postcards for marketing efforts
  • Various web pages for different campaigns and sales needs
  • Visuals for event mobile app
  • On-site print and signage
  • Slide templates for keynote presentations


DevLearn 2023 had consistent brand visuals from initial website launch to the end of the conference. We met registration goals and the on-site event was well-reviewed by attendees.

Examples of on-site visuals