Realities360 Postcard


Senior Visual Designer


The Learning Guild


Project: AR Postcard Design

Overview: Realities360 was a niche conference aimed at learning professionals exploring the AR & VR space. A smaller show meant a smaller budget for marketing activities and a more creative mindset for using what budget was available


We needed to create a postcard that would drive registration to the conference. We only had budget for a small postcard, so had to brainstorm creative ways to use this piece to accomplish goals


Since this was a conference for people exploring AR & VR, we decided to try using Zappar to create an interactive postcard, turning the piece into a mini program overview with sessions targeted to different audience segments.


I designed the postcard for print, including highlights for the event and a callout to try the AR aspect of the card. Then I created a transition video in After Effects to mimic the content of the card fading away to reveal a session selection screen when scanned with a mobile device. Finally, I connected the two pieces with Zappar, creating the AR interface and connecting it to targeted sessions that would appeal to different segments of our audience.

Transition video that played on top of the image of the postcard when the zappar QR code was scanned.

Screenshots of Zappar overlay on postcard


We were able to get more mileage from a small postcard and track interaction with it in a way we hadn't been able to before. Additionally, the piece drove 30% more conference registrations than previous static print pieces of similar scope. It was also an interesting way to display knowledge of a tool that the target audience would potentially be interested in.