The Learning Guild Redesign


Creative Manager


The Learning Guild


Project: Website Rebrand

Overview: The Learning Guild decided to revamp its online presence in 2021. The existing website struggled with user engagement, inaccessible content, and failed to communicate the brand's core values effectively. The primary goals of this project were to modernize the visual identity, enhance user experience, and establish a consistent brand voice.


Outdated Visual Identity: The previous website hadn't been updated in 10 years, resulting in a design that no longer represented the Guild's learning technology audience.

User Experience Issues: Navigation was confusing, leading to low engagement with resources and membership.

Previous Guild brand


Research and Discovery: We initiated the project with a deep analysis of our membership base. Using a combination of analytics, member surveys, and audience research from a third party, we were able to put together a needs analysis of our current website and membership base.

Design and Development: Utilizing the insights from the discovery phase, we worked with a third party to revamp the logo and brand colors. Simultaneously we went through several phases of wireframing and prototyping via Figma to establish the new UI. We focused on a clean layout, intuitive navigation, membership engagement, and content discovery.

Wireframes to prototypes to final website

Implementation and Launch: The approved design was produced by our developer and I participated in testing the new site for usability and errors. All new asset creation was handled by my team and me, going through the pages and updating any visuals that were out of date with new, on-brand creative. Additional, we worked with the marketing teams to create assets for their announcement campaigns.

Various brand images for new site


Revitalized Visual Identity: The rebranding effort resulted in a refreshed visual identity that we feel better aligns with our membership base and will help us stay relevant to future audiences.

Improved User Experience: Streamlined navigation, enhanced user interface, and optimized content led to an Increase in membership sign-ups by 34% over the previous year.

New Guild brand

Conclusion: The website rebranding project for the Learning Guild successfully achieved its objectives by modernizing the visual identity and enhancing user experience. User metrics continue to show increased engagement among existing members, as well as an increase in new membership sign ups.